Ethno Trade is a Global Supplier of

herbs, spices, teas, seeds and extracts from Asia & Latin America

About Ethno Trade Group

Ethno Trade Group

Wholesale supplier of herbs, spices & extracts

Leading importer & exporter of herbs, engaged in cultivation, processing, product developments & research of natural herbs and extracts. We are commited to excellence in our operations through quality products.

Ethno Trade Group. was established with a view to prove itself as one of the Global's leading names in the field of plants & herbal extract with our promise of quality products that stay ahead of time. We started with virtually zero capital, today we boast a turnover of US$ 15,000,000 which indicate our impressive growth chart. This has resulted through our business with several corporate and good clients overseas with almost 95% buyer retention and 90% repeat orders.

A wide exposure and deep understanding of the industry gives us insight into the needs of the changing market. The organization believes in the concept of total quality management emphasizing on strong customer relationship management, high quality and on-schedule delivery of its products. Ethno Trade strives to upgrade the existing standards of quality through innovation and hard work. Our products pass through stringent quality checks to ensure that only the best product reaches to our clients. Our valued expertise has enabled us to nurture business relationships for mutual advantage and has earned an over whelming response from its client all over the world.

We at Ethno Trade are identified with our capabilities to meet the increasing demands for natural and herbal product of Food, Perfumery, Flavor and Cosmetic industry in Europe & USA

Quality Assurance

Ethno Trade give more emphasis on checking the quality of natural herbs and herbs supplements to ensure the supply of only high quality product in the market. Once a product has been produced, it undergoes a series of tests to assure consistency, quality and potency. The finished product is audited by inspector for bulk weight, liquid volume, plate count, bottle sealing and legible lot number, sample are then given to the Quality assurance labs, so that scientists can complete testing according to finished product specification.

After all the processes have been completed and the product has passed the inspection QA will release the product. The batch record and a sample of the finished product are retained for future reference. If a customer has a question about a product QA can refer to the retention sample of the lot in question.

The following list shows a few of the tests we conduct in our premises as well as in association with the other laboratories :

• Ash Testing - is simply a measure of the mineral content. The higher the ash count, the more minerals are present in the flour. To calculate ash count, the miller puts a sample into a container (called an ash muffle), and incinerates it in a very hot oven to burn off all the organic material, until all that remains is the mineral residue. This residue (or ash) is then weighed in relation to the original sample weight to calculate the ash count for that sample. Ash testing originated is a means of measuring the quality of the milling process.

• Finished Product Auditing – Once a product has been produced, each lot is statistically sampled and finally the product is audited by Quality assurance inspectors for bulk weight, Liquid volume bottle count, Bottle sealing and legible lot number samples are then given to QA labs so that scientists can complete testing according to finished product specifications.

• Microbiological Testing – Ethno Trade ensures the quality and purity of their herbs and natural herbs supplements by utilizing an instrument called a bactometer. It detects the growth of an organism by the change of electronic signal passed through the testing.

• E.coli Testing – The danger of the E.coli bacteria are well known. In large enough quantities, these bacteria can be fatal. Ethno Trade test sometimes raw material for the presence of E.coli using specially designed E.coli plate that contain an indicator that turn the bacteria blue. This allows for visual identification of the bacteria and of course rejection of that particular lot of raw material in necessary.

• Salmonella Testing – Ethno Trade test for Salmonella Sp. in herb raw material and product using what is called a 1-2 test. This test allows us to obtain what is called result much more quickly than standard culture method.

• Mold And Yeast Testing – Ethno Trade regularly perform yeast and mold count using the bactometer. Its special module contain the element a mold or yeast would need to sustain life if it were present when the organism grows, it is detected on the bactometer.

• High Performance Liquid Chromatography – This extremely sensitive computerized tool allow Ethno Trade to analyze the ingredient in the mixture. Ethno Trade sometimes use HPLC to examine the purity and potency of raw materials mostly in economically feasible raw materials.

• Gas Chromatography (GC) -By using GC Ethno Trade can separate complete mixture of compound into individual component. A sample of a mixture is placed in the GC machine where it is heated and become gas. As the gas travels through a tube in the machine the individual element in the mixture separate and attach a special coating in the tube. These separated elements enter a detection unit called a mass spectrometer.

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Ethno Trade is compliant with climate controlled packaging suites where Herbal products are packaged or repackaged under strict quality control. Our location is equipped with state of the art packing technologies.

Keeping the contents clean, fresh, and safe is our primary function. Our packages have features, which add convenience in distribution, handling, display, sale, opening, re closing, use and reuse. We take special measures to protect them from conditions like vibrations, temperature and compression and to avoid any kind of harm occurred during the transportation of products within India and overseas.

Customized Packaging

Ethno Trade is specialized for Customized packaging commonly called as Private labeling of Herbal products using flyer's, hang tags, specific carrier bags in various colors, designs and types, ribbons, printed stickers on white gloss, semi gloss, plane papers of specified grams paper, option of foiling, catalog brochures and small retail packing as per the demand and specification of the clients. We can pack particular materials in customized bottles, bags, cartons, master cartons with and without printing as per clients specifications. We have regular arrangements with many reputed printing press', bottle, box, poly, HDPE, drums and cartons makers.

Ethno Trade Group

Private Labelling

We at Ethno Trade are specialized in manufacturing authentically natural products such as Herbal extract, Essential oils, Phytochemicals and Oleoresins on the orders of customer. We are specialized in processing the natural plant product in whatever form required by the client. Our company is dedicated to specific product developments such as tinctures, fluidextracts, dry extracts, phytocomplexes, fresh fruit pulps and blend of plant oils as per your specified quantity and under specified temperature and pressure condition.

We can facilitate seed grinding of many herbs altogether to obtain powder form. We can do processing and blending of herbal extract using any common liquid such as water, vinegar, wine and glycerin and can provide you herbal extract in all possible combinations. We can also manufacture essential oil with your desired base or carrier oil. We can also do freeze drying and milling of herbs and liquid extract

We exhibit creative competence in order to attune ourselves to specific customer requirements by means of new product innovations. We have developed expertise in the field of contract manufacturing of best selling flavor of Herbal tea, Fruit teas, and Green tea both in raw and processed form on client behalf, keeping in view the consistent quality maintenance, under controlled cultivation. We can formulate unique blend of tea using the best flavoring products.

We can also do filling and packaging of tea bags and can design your packaging according to different formats like bulk loose tea bags, jiggler tags, Single serve envelope using either paper or metallic film. We are now progressively focussing toward tea extracts and viscous beverages including both tea and herbal extracts with high fruit juice content. We can also process herbal beverages with varied carbohydrate content keeping in view the health-conscious consumer.

We can provide natural product in your desired quantity and packaging ranging from small retail or bottle packaging to varied size containers, using extensive range of packaging available to us or using client’s own private labels and thus assist in promoting your product’s branding value. All our high quality products are extracted from fresh handpicked natural flower leaves and roots. Our absolute's are being regularly supplied to customers all around the world and have been greatly appreciated for their quality, fragrances and endurance.

Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable company that can undertake the contract of natural product manufacturing, then you have logged on to the appropriate destination and your search ends here!

We set up ourselves several years ago in the field of manufacturing natural products. We invite you to browse through our Herbs catalogue. The catalogue represents all the products we offer for customization.